Ryan Drilling, LLC.  dba O’Ryan Drilling

O’Ryan Drilling History and Corporate Structure
Ryan Drilling, LLC., dba O’Ryan Drilling ( “O’Ryan Drilling”), was founded in April of 2006 by Ryan Hoerauf and Jeff Phillips. O’Ryan Drilling was established as a Texas contract drilling operation that provides contract drilling services for the oil and gas industry in both West and East Texas.
Rig 4: Ideco H-35, 600 hp, triple Derrick, rated to 10,500’
Rig 5: Emsco GB-500, 600 hp, triple derrick, 10,500’
Rig 6: FPI 1000, 1000 hp, triple derrick, rated to 15,000’
Rig 7: FPI 1000, 1000 hp, triple derrick, rated to 15,000’
Jeff Phillips
Jeff Phillips is the president of O’Ryan and has over 25 years of experience in drilling operations.  Jeff graduated from Texas Tech University in 1985 with a degree in Petroleum Engineering and worked for Adobe Resources, Inc. in various capacities from staff drilling engineer to District Manager.  His responsibilities included drilling and producing operations in Texas, Louisiana, and the Gulf of Mexico.  In 1995, Jeff joined TMBR/Sharp Drilling, Inc., (TBDI, NASDAQ), as Engineering Manager and supervised TMBR’s oil and gas operations as well as providing engineering support to the contract drilling operation.  Jeff was installed as President by the board of directors of TMBR in 2001.   As President, Jeff developed relationships in the oil and gas and contract drilling businesses that would later benefit O’Ryan.  Jeff directed the operations of TMBR during the implementation of the Sarbanes-Oxley regulations and the recovery of drillers that began in 2000.  Jeff presided over the merger of TMBR into Patterson/UTI in 2004, after which he remained with Patterson until the TMBR rigs and personnel were fully integrated in December 2005.  Jeff left Patterson to form O’Ryan Drilling with Ryan Hoerauf in early 2006.

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